Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up...6 and 7 Months

Sorry that I haven't been around to catch you up on my ever changing life...but we're lacking internet access since we moved.

This is me and my mom with our new dog Shep. The previous renters moved away and let us keep him. He's an old guy, but he's a great guard dog!

My dad and I were hanging out and taking pictures when I turned 6 months old. I guess it was kind of like a mini birthday party.

This is my new house. It's really cool especially because I get my own bedroom (see below) and it the yard is like the garden of eden with fruit trees galore!

Here I am goofing around at 7 months old. I'm sitting up now and even starting to get some teeth. The Ugandans tell me I can now start eating meat. I'm so excited!

What a handsome 7 month old I am!

By the way, I love reading books. I must be a genius or something!

I love to smile and laugh and say "ma ma" and "ba ba". Trying out my new "words" is so exciting.

And here it new room with giraffe tent and all. I'm working on crawling so that I can actually use my cool tent. So many things to look forward to.