Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Four Months Old

Here I am on my 4 month birthday getting all clean and groomed for my special day!

Today was also Mother's Day, so me and my mom took our picture together.

Then my Dad had a great idea to take us all swimming at the pool. I had never gone swimming before so I wasn't sure what to think when my mom started putting white cream all over my face. I didn't know getting ready for the pool could be so much fun!

My first dip in the water. I didn't get a very good nap that day, so I was kind of cranky after the first lap or so.

I'm sure glad my parents introduced me to such a wonderful recreation. Next time we go swimming i'll have to bring my rubber ducky and my floaty. I had a super 4 month birthday and I think my mom had a fun mother's day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Basin

I like to sit in my basin and watch mommy wash clothes...

I was all ready for the outdoors with my sunhat on.

I even sit in my basin and watch mommy cook dinner. Boy, i'm sure glad I have this handy tool.

Sometimes I even like to sit in my bathtub with my clothes on. I laugh and laugh because it's so funny.

One day, my mom took this picture of me sleeping with my bum in the air. How embarrassing!