Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi there! Just letting you know that i'm now 11 months old. I'll be celebrating my first birthday in America and you're all invited! Yipee....

7 Days until i'm on that big airplane in the sky!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi, I'm Ten Months Old..

For my first attempt upon turning ten months old was to persuade my dad to let me drive the car. I only got as close as the hood. Oh well..

My newest form of communication is "the point". I grunt and point at whatever I want or wherever I want to go.

This is what we call the hands behind the head Earwicker stance. It's a classic.

As a ten month old, the beach is sure a fun place for me. I get to feel the sand run through my fingers and watch the green algae float in the water where some people swim. Glad my parents only let me swim in the pool!

This is me spending some quality time with my mom. She's great.

I was either grinding my teeth in this picture (which my parents think is a terrible sound), or making my dog growl noise. I can't remember.

Oh, and I can't forget to give equal quality time to my dad, especially since he's gone three days a week. He jokes that mom is my best friend, but dad is my hero! :)

I don't crawl, walk, cruise or do anything a ten month old usually does, but I can stand and hold myself up with the help of the couch. I'm pretty laid back and don't see any reason to be mobile yet I guess.

A good shoe snack always holds a hungry tummy over once and a while too...

Well, that it's for my ten month roundup. These months sure fly by quickly and soon i'll be in America celebrating my one year birthday! I wonder what that's like? I can't wait!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My New Teeth

I have something so exciting to share with you!

It's something pearly white that grows in cute little rows!

All together I have six of them. Aren't they great?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The ABC's of Finger Food

Step number one: Grab your finger food (in this instance a piece of banana) in between your thumb and index finger and then lift...

Step number two: Carefully bring your finger food to your mouth, always keeping your eye on the object at hand to avoid missing the desired target (aka, the mouth).

Step number three: Close your mouth once the food is neatly placed inside, chew and swallow. Side note: The picture below shows what happens when one becomes distracted in step number three and the desired object slips unknowingly out of the hand. When this occurs repeat steps one, two and three until the finger food has made it to it's final destination.

Some other problems that can occur in this process, when steps aren't followed accordingly is food dropped in odd places. In this case, the shoulder. One might think this is a good place to save the food for a mid afternoon snack, but on the contrary, it is not a proper food storage technique.

One finger food no no would include wiping the object on one's face...

Cute and all, but makes for a lot of mess for mom to clean up afterwards

A great tip for finger fooding is to always check your lap for stray pieces.

Well, thanks a bunch for taking the time to learn all about how to effectively master finger foods. Any suggestions on future topics would be appreciated! This is Josiah signing off till next time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Stuff

Talking with Dad.

We call this one, "The Presidential Wave".

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Hairbrush

Since I don't have much hair yet, I was trying to decide what good a hairbrush was, so I thought and thought about the best way to utilize my hairbrush while my head is awaiting the beautiful locks that will someday adorn my little baby head.

And so I decided that since I have two teeth already, I should use my hairbrush to make the dentist happy by starting early on a cleaning routine.

As a bonus, I can use the handle for the tough jobs, you know really giving that plaque a one, two punch!

Me and my hairbrush have a big job to do, especially when all my other teeth start coming in. I'll make sure and update you on the hair growing progress as well, i'm not going to be peach fuzz boy all of my life you know.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Duck Tub Incident

Here I was, just playing in my duck tub on mommy and daddy's bed, pretending I was sailing in my boat on Lake Victoria...just like my daddy and his yellow boat. Too bad his is always broken. Maybe I can take him in mine next time!

It was an exciting ride...full speed ahead...!

Yeah, I keep my cool even in the most dangerous waters. This is my "i've got it under control" look.

..But sometimes accidents happen and you just have to laugh at yourself!

This is how I call for help when me and my duck tub get in sticky situations. I call it, flailing the arms and legs. My mom is always sure to come to my rescue. She's a great swimmer, even in these treacherous waters.

I'm the big Eight...months that is

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. I just wanted to tell you all about my day at the Zoo and how fun it is to be 8 months old. And by the way, waving is the in thing these days. It can also be my way of asking for a high five, or to play patty cake. It's cool to be 8 mo.

First of all, we saw a big lion roaming around in his big cat cage. And let me tell you , when it's only a chain link fence between you and a wild beast like that, it's a little unnerving. My mom wouldn't even let me get within 5 feet of the big guy. Security in African Zoo's aren't very reassuring.

Here's the big guy pacing back and forth, looking a little bored. Didn't see any girl cats around the lair, so no one to impress I guess.

The 8 month pose. Sitting up and taking it all in!

The monkey's were my absolute favorite. My dad taught me that monkey's say, "ooh ooh ah ah" and it was so funny that I laughed and laughed. Some of them were even running free around the compound. If I had legs that were working, i'd probably "monkey around" right along with them.

Observing the chimpanzees. I saw two of them playing in the trees, and when they jumped on a branch that was too small for them they tumbled to the ground and climbed right back up the tree. Silly Monkey's.

Dashing smile, isn't it? Say cheese. (notice my two bottom pearly whites)

I didn't even notice it until I saw the picture that there was a really cool bird walking behind me. It's actually Uganda's country bird.

I had sooo much fun taking my parents to the zoo. It's good for them to remember how to be kids again.

Well, that's all for now. Peace out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Catching Up...6 and 7 Months

Sorry that I haven't been around to catch you up on my ever changing life...but we're lacking internet access since we moved.

This is me and my mom with our new dog Shep. The previous renters moved away and let us keep him. He's an old guy, but he's a great guard dog!

My dad and I were hanging out and taking pictures when I turned 6 months old. I guess it was kind of like a mini birthday party.

This is my new house. It's really cool especially because I get my own bedroom (see below) and it the yard is like the garden of eden with fruit trees galore!

Here I am goofing around at 7 months old. I'm sitting up now and even starting to get some teeth. The Ugandans tell me I can now start eating meat. I'm so excited!

What a handsome 7 month old I am!

By the way, I love reading books. I must be a genius or something!

I love to smile and laugh and say "ma ma" and "ba ba". Trying out my new "words" is so exciting.

And here it is...my new room with giraffe tent and all. I'm working on crawling so that I can actually use my cool tent. So many things to look forward to.