Sunday, October 5, 2008

The ABC's of Finger Food

Step number one: Grab your finger food (in this instance a piece of banana) in between your thumb and index finger and then lift...

Step number two: Carefully bring your finger food to your mouth, always keeping your eye on the object at hand to avoid missing the desired target (aka, the mouth).

Step number three: Close your mouth once the food is neatly placed inside, chew and swallow. Side note: The picture below shows what happens when one becomes distracted in step number three and the desired object slips unknowingly out of the hand. When this occurs repeat steps one, two and three until the finger food has made it to it's final destination.

Some other problems that can occur in this process, when steps aren't followed accordingly is food dropped in odd places. In this case, the shoulder. One might think this is a good place to save the food for a mid afternoon snack, but on the contrary, it is not a proper food storage technique.

One finger food no no would include wiping the object on one's face...

Cute and all, but makes for a lot of mess for mom to clean up afterwards

A great tip for finger fooding is to always check your lap for stray pieces.

Well, thanks a bunch for taking the time to learn all about how to effectively master finger foods. Any suggestions on future topics would be appreciated! This is Josiah signing off till next time.

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