Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi, I'm Ten Months Old..

For my first attempt upon turning ten months old was to persuade my dad to let me drive the car. I only got as close as the hood. Oh well..

My newest form of communication is "the point". I grunt and point at whatever I want or wherever I want to go.

This is what we call the hands behind the head Earwicker stance. It's a classic.

As a ten month old, the beach is sure a fun place for me. I get to feel the sand run through my fingers and watch the green algae float in the water where some people swim. Glad my parents only let me swim in the pool!

This is me spending some quality time with my mom. She's great.

I was either grinding my teeth in this picture (which my parents think is a terrible sound), or making my dog growl noise. I can't remember.

Oh, and I can't forget to give equal quality time to my dad, especially since he's gone three days a week. He jokes that mom is my best friend, but dad is my hero! :)

I don't crawl, walk, cruise or do anything a ten month old usually does, but I can stand and hold myself up with the help of the couch. I'm pretty laid back and don't see any reason to be mobile yet I guess.

A good shoe snack always holds a hungry tummy over once and a while too...

Well, that it's for my ten month roundup. These months sure fly by quickly and soon i'll be in America celebrating my one year birthday! I wonder what that's like? I can't wait!


Katie Scott said...

He is so tall! I love it, and I'm so excited to see him!

joshandkarlee said...

Just look at those big blue eyes! I'm with excited to see Josiah (and Ma and Pa)!